The Heroes of Phandalin

Rivergard Keep


Our heroes wake up to discover that Phil is missing. After an exhaustive search they decide (or rather hope) that the Druid made her way ahead so they trek to Rivergard Keep. They are met at the gate by the same sort of bandit scum they met on the road previously and despite Thea’s best attempts to butter them up they prove unwilling to let the heroes in to look around.

The heroes manage to break in under duress and eventually make their way to the main keep. They find Goilliver Grimjaw who turns out to be a wereboar and despite a couple of strange Blue fellows who seem the able to turn in to giant water snakes the manage to win the day.

They find a secret passage way…oh and Phil who somehow was kidnapped by the water cultists, who are learned to be worshiping the Elemental Evil power of Water. They follow the passageway to a underground river and decide to row out the 2 miles to a dwarvish looking settlement. There they are met be a huge shark being ridden by a giant blue guy who dissuades them for further intervention. The head back to plan their next move.



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