Half Orc Druid




Phil is a towering and physically intimidating figure. That is if he wasn’t always slipping into the background and cowering around people. He is nervous around most people, especially humans children. He is still very young and subject to peer pressure despite his natural wisdom. Phil is not afraid of combat, and uses his staff to great advantage. When people are in trouble, particularily the common folk, Phil is quick to act. That said he is still most comfortable with animals and in nature.

Thoughts on other party members:

Han Ai: Ai is a bold and capable warrior. He seems to need more training fighting the undead, aren’t Paladins supposed to be good at that kind of thing? Anyway, he’s okay for a human, but I’ll never let him show me up.

Thea: Thea makes pretty music and likes to talk a lot. She seems pretty nice, and helpful, that cider is pretty good stuff. During combat she likes to taunt and distract our foes, it’s unusual but she makes it work.

Xenia: Xenia is also helpful, especially with shiny metal bits. She is quite sneaky and likes to shoot people in the back during combat.

Zook: He is a powerful magician and short. Seems ok, i’ll need to watch him further.


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