The Heroes of Phandalin

The investigation continues...

Picking up right were the “action” left off Thea, Ai, and Zook realize that not only is Phil missing, but so is Xenia. Phil, does return fresh and clean and in a new silk dress…oh and reveals that he is actually a woman. She is quickly joined by Xenia who seems not at all surprised by this.

So there’s that…

In the morning the heroes set out for the shallow graves in the nearby hills. There they discover that the bodies of a dwarf, a human in Mirabar colors, another human in rocky armor and yet another human in feathered robes. The robed human has a symbol branded on him somewhat similar to the one on the Rocky armor human.

They continue onto Womford to discover a camp of bandits and strange “wet” folks. In the ensuing fight they learn that one is some kind of priest who almost escapes. On the weird guys they find yet another symbol. Phil guesses that they correspond to Elements:


AIR (?)


The party reaches Womford and Zook (for some reason) is selected as the “face man” to ask the locals where he can find some (stolen) books. This eventually leads him to the keel boat of a strange blue skinned humanoid captain. Things quickly escalate resulting in Zook accidentally sinking the boat and the captain briefly being held hostage and revealing that the books were payment from some “rock-armor” guys who needed to be ferried across the river near Beliard and that he works for a mercenary name Jolliver Grimjaw out of Rivergard keep. He then uses his last misty step to jump in the river and swim away….fast.

Looks like the gang might be headed to Rivergard Keep.



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