The Heroes of Phandalin

On to the next thing...

40d139a9107922664cf7e068180ff856.jpgAfter wrapping up things in Wave Echo cave our heroes plus Nundro Rockseeker return to Phandalin. Word spreads quickly about their exploits and the partying begins, especially for Zook. Ai, Phil, and Xenia receive leads from their various faction contacts that something dark may be going down in the Sumber Hills so after a good night’s rest they head off in the direction of the Town of Red Larch.

As the leave the Sword mountain region and head into the Dessarin Valley the are attacked by a pair of Owlbears. The owlbears are quickly dispatched and they resume the journey.

The party rests in the villages of Triboar and West bridge and learn of many disappearances in the region. On the road they are attacked by a gang of bandits who prove to be little threat, however they are accompanied by strange warriors in armor of stone who prove to me a little more of a challenge, when killed the armor falls into dust and reveal a strange brand on their flesh. The heroes arrive in Red Larch in the final night of the journey.



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