The Heroes of Phandalin

The Heroes meet!
and Goblins are are also met...


Ai, Zook, Xenia, and Thea light out from Neverwinter. They have been hired by Gundren Rockseeker, and Dwarf adventurer, to escort supplies to the mining settlement of Phandalin. There they are to meet Rockseeker and learn more about a mysterious “opportunity” that awaits them.

2 days into the journey they see a pitiful sight, a young half orc being chased by children who throw stones and taunt him with the the name “Filthy Coward”. Thea suitably terrifies the young children and the party befriends Phil, who joins them on their mission.

later that same day they encounter 2 dead horses on the road. They are quickly ambushed by goblins. After dispatching them and interrogating the one survivor they discover that the horses belong to Gundren and his companion a human warrior named Sildar Hallwinter. They learn that their kidnapping, by the Cragmaw clan, was ordered by someone or something called the Black Spider.

The party follows the trail to the Cragmaw hideout, slay the gang boss and steal back Hallwinter. On the way to Phandalin they learn that Rockseeker, who has been delivered to the Cragmaw HQ for the Black Spider. More importantly they learn that Gundren has the map to the lost Wave Echo cave.


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