A wild haired gnome, prone to explosions


A short being, Zook is frequently mistaken for a human child. The main difference is the long white hair down to his shoulders, which frequently picks up a static charge. He dresses in robes known to have plenty of pockets for putting books, scrolls and papers into. Frequently, when he is bored, he will root through those pockets and read whatever comes out. At his side is always a book bound and latched to his belt, with a leather cover engraved with runes, frequently referenced when he is researching his spells.


A member of the Gnomish Academy of Magic, School of Evocation, Zook was a child of a very large family who were known to be magic prodigies. They were also expected, upon graduation and before taking a cushy teaching position, to go out into the world and get their need for exploration out of their system. Zook graduated only a few weeks ago, and then fell in with some adventurers passing through his village. The world is fascinating to him, and the longer he is away the less sure he is that he wants a cushy teaching job.


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