Xenia Greywinter

Half Elf Rogue silent as a shadow.


Xenia is a 5’ 6" half elf. She has a medium build with light blonde hair and purple eyes. She favors dark clothing to mask her features. She is unobtrusive and almost never raises her voice. She can become prickly when irritated.


I was born in Baldur’s gate, the daughter of an unknown elvish father, and an innkeeper mother. Mother runs the Silver Owl inn, and I started working there when I was old enough. When I asked about my father, Mum only said it was a story for another time. We were happy running the inn,so I never pressed the issue, putting his absence down to elvish wanderlust.
When I reached my teens I started wanting things neither Mum or I could afford. I started taking things into my own hands, literally.I started by rolling drunks and cutting purses around the inn. I found the act of stealing .more thrilling than the gold I was getting. I thought my theft was going unnoticed until I was accosted by a group of ruffians led by an elf…. with purple eyes. Hello dad.
He had been watching me since birth, and followed my new activities with interest. He told me he was the head of Baldur’s Gate’s thieves guild and offered me membership for a price.I could give the guild the gold I’d stolen(yeah right),or I could take a special job for him in addition to my training. I took the job. Turns out,I had to assist the smugglers running in the sewers under the city. The job was filthy, smelly and more than a little dangerous. In that time I learned my skills,and I memorized Father’s 5 Golden Rules for thief survival:

1-Greed is your worst enemy
2-Silence is your best friend
3-Don’t shit where you eat.
4-Don’t let feelings get in the way of business.
5- Just because you’re a hammer doesn’t mean everything else is a nail.(What does this even mean?)

I completed my training. Father,Mum and I agreed that it would be best if I sought my fortune elsewhere. Father said I should try adventuring before I tried settling into a guild. I did,and I’m finding adventuring even more fun than stealing.

Xenia Greywinter

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