Iarno Albrek AKA Glasstaff

Human Wizard, former member of the Lord's Alliance


Iarno is a short, dark-bearded human male. A former member of the Lords’ Alliance, Iarno seized an opportunity in Phandalin to line his own pockets. Originally tasked with setting up a constabulary, the mage instead assembled a group of outlaws and local ruffians to secure his own position in town. He took the alias of “Glasstaff” to protect his identity.

Iarno puts on airs of gentility and courteous manners, addressing his ruffians as “my good gentlemen,” and referring to sordid acts such as kidnapping or arson as “that unpleasant little business” or “those unfortunate events.” Beneath his genteel demeanor, however, Iarno is just as thuggish and arrogant as any Redbrand outlaws.

Iarno was taken in by the heroes of Phansalin, he is currently in the custody of Sildar Hallwinter in the name of the Lord’s Alliance.

Iarno Albrek AKA Glasstaff

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