The Heroes of Phandalin

Wave Echo Cave!!!!

5328ee53a45ab9a6c8954e4df2cafbec.jpgFollowing the instructions of Gundren Rockseeker the heroes find the legendary Wave Echo Cave. Delving into the subterranean labyrinth the party does battle with a score of Ghouls feasting on the bodies of the long dead and more recently dead. Highlights of the adventure include quick execution of a powerful flaming skull, Zook’s out of character deception the lead to the voluntary evacuation of a Spectator, and the discovery of the Forge of Spells itself.

at the end of that cavernous dungeon the party finally meets Nezznar, the Black Spider. The devilish Drow briefly evades the heroes but is rediscovered and assassinated by the swift arrow of Xenia Greywinter. after finding Nundro Rockeeker the party does a quick sweep of the mines to find them silent and still.

What next? Rumors of unrest the the East may spur our heroes to pull up stakes and find a new locale for adventure… we shall see.



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