The Heroes of Phandalin

Tying up some loose ends


The heroes are given the option of heading straight to Wave Echo Cave or resolving lingering issues with the townsfolk. After a brief debate on the subject the party heads out to Wyvern Tor to deal with the reported orc band that had been sighted there.

On the way to the Tor the party makes short work of an Ogre and once they arrive at the Tor the enter a cave and make even shorter work of a sleeping Ogre. Using about as much guile as orcs can the party is briefly trapped in the cave but manage to find escape and finish off the band.

on the cusp of that victory they head to the ruined watchtower at the Old Owl Well. in the courtyard they spy a colorful tent but as soon as the move to investigate a bunch of zombies begin to pour out of the tower.

moving to investigate the party discovers strange tattooed figure in the tent, a necromancer from the faraway land of Thay. He is quickly knocked out by Xenia, which doe nothing to stop the zombies. After being healed by Thea the necromancer proves to be a little hurt by the attack and refuses to deal with the heroes (it seems that if you want to parley with this guy starting the conversation by stabbing him in the back is a bad idea). The wizard makes an attempt to escape and take some parting shots but does not make it out.

Things look grim as the heroes are quickly swarmed by a dozen hungry zombies but with the help of a well timed lightning bolt from Zook the zombies are dispatched.



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