The Heroes of Phandalin

Things get awkward in Red Larch


The party arrives in Red Larch in the thick of the evening. They find their way to the Inn called the Swinging sword and decide to take a trip to Haeleeya’s bathhouse and dress shop. While bathing the party begin to explore interpersonal relationships and the idea of a possible burgeoning romance between Xenia and Phil, at least as theorized by Thea.

After a sort-of-date between Xenia and Phil (which included a brief bar fight) The party (somewhat) get to work uncovering some rumors about the lost delegation from Mirabar.
They learn that the delegation was last seen in the village of Beliard and never made it to Summit Hall. That some boat captain in Womford has been selling manuscripts that likely belonged to a historian amonst the delegation and the sudden appearance of 4 shallow graves in the nearby Summit hills.

Before the heroes can get on the trail they have to locate Phil who has gone missing, after an awkward visit to the tailor.



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