The Heroes of Phandalin

The heroes arrive in Phandalin

and there is much to do there...


Our heroes arrive in Phandalin and learn right away that the town is under siege from a bandit gang known as the Rebrand Ruffians. A plethora of local folks are met:

Toblin Stonehill , Trilena Stonehill, and Pip Stonehill – Innkeeper and family at the Stone hill Inn.

Daran Edermath, former adventurer, runs and orchard. He Sells a horse to Phil and clue’s the party in to possible undead at the old Owl Well. He also tells them about Reidoth a Druid who might be able to direct them to other places they might want to find, he was last seen in the abandoned town of Thundertree.
Qelline Alderleaf, owns a vegetable farm, her son Carp found a tunnel to the Redbrand HQ.

Halia Thornton, the miner’s exchange, offers 100gp reward for the elimination of Redbrand leader, Glasstaff.

Other things learned:
Townmaster’s Hall Harbin Wester is a “fat, pompous old fool” who calls the Redbrands “just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble, really.” He wants the Orcs near Wyvern Tor taken out. Sildar Hallwinter estalbishes himself at the Hall as well. Sildar wants to help the Rockseeker brothers find Wave Echo Cave. Sildar wants to continue pressure on the Cragmaw clan, find the Cragmaw Castle, and believes the characters can do so by finding a raiding party in the wilderness. Iarno Albrek, a fellow member of the Lord’s Alliance, disappeared around Tresendar Manor about two months ago.

On the way to the tunnel the party runs afoul of 4 redbrands harassing local citizens and brings them to justice.

Following the tunnel into the Tresender Manor celler, the party find a telepathic beast called a Nothic. Before dispatching the monster they learn that where Galsstaff is, where their prisoners are held and where Bugbears sent by the black spider lay in wait.

Our heroes begin to plot their next move.


Fil was a gentle giant in the forest
Running with the children at his back
They shouted insults and threw sharp stones
They’d break his spirit and his bones
We pulled up right in time to save his crack…

Two horses lay dead in the path to Phandalin
The goblins had taken our boss and his gold
We followed a trail to a cave and its’ sentries
Zook almost drowned and spoiled our entry
The story’s not through, it’s barely been told.

A massive bugbear stood rule over the goblins
With a masterful swing, he laid Xenia low
We fought fiercely and fervently
And hard-won our victory
Krug’s hoard in our coffer, we started to go.

Sildar! We remembered the second to Gundar
Our boss, if we found him, would like him alive
A bit of deception, and pure misdirection
Gundar is hidden away in a far off direction
The Wave Echo Cave holds his chance to survive!

The heroes arrive in Phandalin

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