The Heroes of Phandalin

The end of the Redbrand menace

maxresdefault.jpgIn the cellar of the ruined Tresender manor house the heroes Decide to locate Glasstaff first, who almost gives them the slip but not for the watchful eyes of the more perceptive party members. Glasstaff is subdued but not before summoning the denizens of the Redbrand hideout. Some quick thinking by Han Ai collapsed the one functional bridge over the chasm turning the tables on the small army of gang members and Bugbears that made up the opposition.

The party quickly learns that Glasstaff is none other than Iarno Albreck, a member of the Lord’s Alliance and Sildar’s contact in Phandalin. They learn that he has been working for the Back Spider (revelaed to be a Drow Elf) and amassed this dread gang to create havoc in Phandalin and thwart any would-be-heroes that might be a threat to him.

The Black Spider seeks the Spell Forge so he can create powerful magic items in a bid for power. After an ill advised party split the woodcutters family is rescued and Albreck’s getaway pouch is found. They also make the acquaintance of an abused goblin named Droop who thinks he may, kind of, know the way to Cragmaw castle.

Will the heroes follow the completely unreliable goblin or will they follow up on other leads they have been given? Will they remember those leads…who knows


The fat motherfucker of Phandalin
Had an ass shaped just like a mandolin
Though Wester’s a coward
His wife’s not deflowered
And his weiner’s in need of a handling.

There are bastards in town, dressed in scarlets
Their fathers are crude, mums are harlots
Causing trouble and strife
With lice they are rife
Those bootless, dull, ill-nurtured varlets.

“That was my favorite shirt, you motherfucker.”

The end of the Redbrand menace

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