The Heroes of Phandalin

oh yeah, I forgot to mention the dragon...


Our heroes return triumphantly to Phandalin after defeating the Redbrand menace. After depositing the villainous Iarno Albreck to the town jail the party heads to the Stonehill Inn for some much needed rest and to plan their next move. Some of the party meet briefly with Sister Garaelle who tend the shrine to Tymora, she asks the adventurers if they would ask a question of a Banshee who dwells in Conyberry on behalf of the Harpers.

The party has a lively discussion about what to do next, Thea wishes to pursue the many opportunities to the east (the orcs, uindead, the banshee, etc). Zook, on the other hand, posits that they should head north to Thundertree to seek out Reidoth the Druid since he is most likely to know the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle.

The party sets out at dawn to take the 2 day trek to Thundertree, when they arrive they are met with an eerie sight and a warning. the town is a ruin covered with a thin layer of volcanic ash and just as they head in they see a handwritten sign stating that they should turn around due to “plant monsters AND zombies”, continuing undaunted the party is inevitably attacked by twig blights and zombies (go figure).

After dispatching the lumbering assailants they find the home of Reidoth, who does indeed know the way to Cragmaw castle. He does ask a favor of the heroes, however, that they help him by ridding the town of an unwanted guest…a young green dragon. The dragon is no the only unwelcome guest to Thundertree, there is also a small group of dragon cultists hanging around. to make matters worse to get to the dragon the party needs to pass through a nest of giant spiders. For some bizarre reason they decide that they can do it.

Luckily for the heroes the dragon has a made a meal of most of the giant spiders, so after finishing of the remaining two they make their way to the dragon’s liar. Thanks to some very sneaky magic from Phil he and Xenia remain hidden as Thea does her best to parley with Venomfang the dragon. They manage to get the drop on him and launch some devastating ranged attacks. Thea unleashes a nasty bardic magic insult and Venomfang takes flight and leaves Thundertree.

As the heroes leave the tower they meet the cultists who are none to pleased that the dragon has fled. The party takes a minute to try to understand that beliefs of the dragon cultists, whose ultimate aim seems to be to breed with Dragons. This leave the 2 groups at a philosophical impasse…which of course leads to violence. The cultists are dealt with pretty quickly and the heroes are presented with direction to Cragmaw castle.

Not bad for a days work…



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