The Heroes of Phandalin

Crashing Cragmaw Castle


After Phil is quickly recruited into the Emerald Enclave by Reidoth the heroes decide to make a quick resupply in Neverwinter before heading to Cragmaw Castle. After much discussion about the merits of cart vs individual horses the party buys a sturdy draft horse and a cart.

With the aforementioned conveyance they make the castle just before nightfall, having only encountered one small patrol of hobgoblins. Arriving at the castle itself our heroes decide that the open front door might not be the best way to make ingress, so the search until they find a hidden door to the rear of the building.

The party shortly discovers King Grol a massive bugbear and leader of the Cragmaw clan. As they tussle with Grol they spy a Drow female attempting to assassinate an unconscious dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker, the patron of the party! Despite being blocked by the massive bugbear the Heroes are able to thwart the assassination and after Grol falls the finish off the Drow, who was actually a doppelganger.

After waking Gundren, who refuses to leave without his map…which could have been anywhere, an Owlbear crashes into the room…and about dozen goblins rally in the outer hall. After a itched battle with the owlbear, a ton of goblins, and a grick the heroes somehow prevail, loot the place and leave with Gundren and the map.

Back to Phandlin to rest up prepare to head to Wave Echo Cave…hopefully.



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